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  WECAN Precision Instruments Co. devote itself to industrial process control and energy metering, provide professional automation of measurement instruments,the company is the national innovation platform "national development and Reform Commission approved the instrument sensor and measuring system of national local joint Engineering Research Center (Chongqing)" approved by National Development and Reform Commission, rich products used for pressure,differential pressure, flow, heat, cold quantity and level measurement. WECAN precision instruments co applications involving products as: energy, electric power, heat, petroleum, chemical industry, aviation, ships, cement, building materials, pharmacy, and home automation industry.
  WECAN Precision Instruments Co. was established in 1992,it always adhere to the “people-oriented,independence and self-reliance” approach to development, stick to the “independent R&D and innovation optimization,market – oriented,scale production “innovation road,constantly take he innovative spirit widely absorbs the automation of measurement and control and frontier materials used in ”WECAN “ name brand products, WECAN Precision instruments Co. has become a large scale pressure/differential pressure sensor manufacturers, the products wish excellent performance and high reliability become homebred brand in the industry share the highest enterprise . WECAN Precision instrument co. make the world’s most reliable production, and the most accurate pressure /differential pressure sensor and ultrasonic sensors, its product series include: (1)TH series differential pressure type heat(cold) meter.(2)UH series ultrasonic heat(cold)meter.(3)meet industrial standard SST series digital intelligent pressure/difference pressure transmitter.(4)comply with military standard SST3 high-performance pressure/difference pressure transmitter.(5)the T series higher precision suspension parameters pressure/differential pressure/ flow transmitter.
  WECAN precision instruments Co. involved in instrumentation industry nearly 20 years of development history, has rich manufacturing experience, automated instrumentation of automation engineering system integration commissioning ability and sensor network (content networking) system integration technology. Has the excellent production test equipment, strong R&D, production capacity, with perfect modern management plus the throughout the country sales and service network. Company product UH series ultrasonic heat meter, at year 2010 was awarded the excellent products prize by “China instrumentation learn”, and was awarded by “housing and rural construction” as the “2010 national construction industry science promotion project”. The development of the company in instrumentation field goal is to help realize the customer dream, and depend on work with perseverance and hard pursue humane spirit, to make our products more accurately perceive the world, help mankind to better grasp the future, also become instrumentation industry world–class enterprise.


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