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X Summary 
    SST2318 series absolute pressure/pressure transmitter adopt American Nova Sensor company high precision ,high stability diffuse silicon sensor’s parts ,through the high reliability amplify the electric circuit ,the precision temperature is compensated ,will be surveyed the medium absolutely pressure or gauge pressure conversion become a 4-20ma DC standard signal .The wonderful seal technology and excellent assembler’s skill ensured excellent quality of this product ,to the optimum performance . This product is devide body type of structural pattern, also have cable type; Anti-corrosive pattern. The product of anti-corrosive pattern may resist the corrosion of liquid of various corrosivities, can be satisfied customer need .
    SST2318 series absolute pressure/pressure transmitter have regular type, intrinsically safe type ,Explosion-proof type ,the last two types can be apply in the widely all kinds of bad ,and dangerous place .

    0-0.3m~0-15m devid body 
    Cable type、 anti-corrosive type 
    Guard against the strike of thunderbolt, guard against the RF interference
    Reverse electrode protect and limit flows protect 
    Intrinsically safe or Explosion-proof 
    Span and zero with outside one after another adjustable 
    High precision ,high stability ,high reliability

X Application 
    The industrial on-the-spot process tests and control
    The hydrology monitors or control
    Navigation and ship manufacture sewage treatment 
    Large river, large dams and water conservancy
    Food. beverage equipment
    Chemical industry.  Medical equipment   


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