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SST Series Pressure Transmitter

    SST Series Digital•Intelligent Pressure/Differential Pressure Transmitter is a multipurpose digitalized intelligent instrument developed by ChongQing WECAN Precision Instruments Co., Ltd., including capacitance pressure /differential pressure transmitter and direct-coupled pressure/fluid level transmitter. It is made on the basis of the mature and dependable sensing technology, combining the advanced single-chip computer technology and sensor digital exchange technology.
    16-bit single chip is adopted as its core element, with its powerful function and high-speed calculation capacity ensuring the excellent quality of the transmitter. The whole design frame focuses on its dependability, stability and high precision and intelligentization, meeting the growing demand in on-site industrial use. To get this goal, digitalized signal processing technology is used in the software to ensure its disturbance capacity and zero point stability. Meanwhile, it has the Zero Stability Capacity (ZSC) and Temperature Supplementing Capacity (TSC).
    The powerful interface functions guarantees an excellent interactivity with no need of manual operator. Its digitalized meter head can display 3 physical parameters including pressure, temperature and current, and 0-100% analogue indications. Keystroke operation can finish the basic settings of zero transfer, range setting, damping setting under the circumstance of no standard pressure, greatly convenient for the on-site debugging.
    S-PORT serial communication port can communicate with the computer through the special purposed interconnection module, while the upper computer interface can finish more functions than the keystroke operation. By connecting with module RS485, it can realize the remote transmission of digital signal, or the building up of RS485 industrial LAN.
    SST series digitalized Intelligent Pressure/ Differential Pressure Transmitter has the optional HART module. After the transmitter is added the HART module, it has HART communication capacity, with the conventional operation being controlled with the general manual operator. The special communication equipment and software provided by our company can operate the marking and temperature supplementation actions.
    SST series digitalized Intelligent Pressure/ Differential Pressure Transmitter can be widely suit in the sectors such as petroleum, chemical, iron & steel, power generator, light industry and environmental protection, capable of realizing the measurement of various pressures, differential pressures, flows and fluids, adaptable for all kinds of harsh and hazardous environment and corrosive agents.


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