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UH Ultrasonic Heat Meter

进入UH超声波热量表专题    UH ultrasonic series heat meter, is a new type of heatflowmeter, this heat meterBased on the ultrasonic timedifference method , mainly is composed of by the flow sensor, the temperature sensor and integrating instrument;Involves heat measure principle, the temperature sensortechnology , flow sensor technology, systems digital communication technology, the single chip microcomputerand computer technology, etc.
    Products are mainly characterized by:
■Use modern advanced industrial automation instrument technology for hearting measurement products,the realization of high performance,high precision,high stability and reliability.
■Gathered with the advanced sensor technology.
UH ultrasonic heat meter adopts our patent ultrasonic transducer structure technology to realize the product temperature adaptability, corrosion resistance, the scale and nature and improving the long-term reliability and stability.
■The flow characteristics: full straight-through type design, undamped flow components, 304 stainless steel material, bearing pressure ≥ 5 MPa, have effect to prevent rust and corrosion. Regardless it’s straight pipe requirements and installation position restrictions . It’ll completely solve the scaling problems inside of liner pipe.
■Meter ’s features: low power consumption< 1 0 μ A, battery life > 10 years, double row of big screen display, character up to 10 mm, density, enthalpy correction precision ±0.1%, protection class IP65.
■Strictly control device material, ensure that the product's reliability.
304, 316 L and special plastic, rubber parts, all strictly from the material inspection control, ensure the product long-term,reliable work.
■The whole machine of high protective performance. All the joint surface were protected design, to ensure the machine's high protective performance, can apply to all the bad environments.
■According to industrial standard circuit design and circuit board protection technology, even outside protection are failure ; it also can guarantee the normal work of the products.
■High precision machining center, ensure consistency of product, it’ll running stable and reliable after a long time period.
■The most advanced calibration device. Adopt international advanced automatic heat meter calibration device, make the product accuracy get reliable guarantee.

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